How to install a Wall Mounted Electric Fire

How to install a Wall Mounted Electric Fire

How to install a Wall Mounted Electric Fire

A wall mounted electric fire could prove to be the final piece of the puzzle in creating your dream living or dining room, adding a real focal point to either a modern or period space. However, the cost of employing an expert to install the unit can be off putting to say the least.

Luckily, with the right tools, instructions and a free hour or so, any DIY enthusiast can do the job themselves, saving the expense of the project.

Follow our steps below to safely and professionally install a wall mounted electric fire in your home…

A few reasons to install a wall mounted electric fire

  • They are cheaper than gas or alternative fires, but look just as impressive.
  • Typically, the running costs are cheaper than other types of fires.
  • No concerns about poisonous fumes such as carbon monoxide
  • Electric fires are more efficient than other types of fires.
  • Electric fires are safer for those with children or pets.

Things to consider before undertaking the project

Poor wiring is the cause of many unnecessary house fires, so always be completely confident in your electrical skills before undertaking a project such as this. If at any stage you’re struggling seek advice from an expert, we can’t stress this enough, whatever you do DON’T try and wing it!

Always ensure the electrics in the area where the installation is taking place are switched off for the duration of the project. This will eliminate the chance of being electrocuted or causing a fire in your home.

Consider where it is you want to place your wall mounted electric fire, although an electric fire will not need any venting or connection to any gas, a power cable will need connecting so ensure a socket is close by.

The tools you’ll need include:

  • Electric drill
  • Screw driver
  • Spirit level
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil

 Your step by step guide

Before starting be sure to check the product manual. Different models may have specific installation instructions. The instructions below are intended as a general guide and are not exhaustive…

Step 1.

Wall mounted electric fire Before fitting your wall mounted electric fire ensure there’s access to an electric socket. Drill a suitably sized hole in the wall towards the socket so the flex can run through the wall. Once you’ve done this fit the plug and ensure it can reach the socket.

If extra electrical work is required seek advice from a professional electrician.

NEVER route the cable under carpet.

Step 2.

Most models of electric fires come with a template to aid installation. Use the template and a pencil to determine and mark where the holes need to be drilled to insert the cables.

Step 3.

Drill the holes required, usually using a 6mm drill bit and fit wall plugs (which should be supplied, if not, use suitably sized ones).

Fitting your electric to plaster board with a cavity behind it? Make sure you use extra wall fittings to increase stability and security.

Step 4.

Insert the screws into the holes that have been drilled, leaving them roughly 5mm from the wall.

Step 5.

Repeat steps 3 & 4 with the screws required for hanging the lower section of the fire.

Step 6.

After locating the key holes to the rear top of the fire, hang the fire on the screws.

Step 7.

Use a spirit level to check the electric fire is level and make adjustments if necessary. When you’re happy with the position of the electric fire the screws can be fully tightened. Use the holes at the front of the unit to access them. Fuel effect

Step 8.

Add the trim to the outside of the fire and add any pebbles if you’re installing a pebble model.

After Installation

Once the electric fire is firmly in place check it is fully operational. Have a professional electrician conduct a thorough inspection and ensure all required paperwork is signed.

Maintaining your electric fire

Wall mounted electric fireWhen cleaning or maintaining your electric fire ensure it is switched off and unplugged. Stainless steel units can be cleaned using a cloth and suitable cleaner. Other units should be cleaned with a damp cloth. The area around the fire should be kept clear of any animal hair or lint, as this could be drawn into the unit and may affect its performance.

When using the fire, ensure the vent at the top is not obstructed. Doing so can result in overheating of the unit, which could lead to a fire.

By using the correct tools and following these simple steps installing your wall mounted electric fire should be a doddle. If you encounter any problems along the way then don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re always on hand to offer expert advice and guidance. Alternatively seek advice from a professional electrician.

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