The Story Behind Your Corian® Fire

The Story Behind Your Corian® Fire

The Story Behind Your Corian® Fire

Ever wondered what goes on during the 2-4 weeks period between you ordering your Corian® Fire and it being delivered?

Well we invite you to join us on a journey, a journey that allows you to discover how your dream Brilliant Fire is transformed from an idea into a sleek, stylish and innovative fire, a fire so unique and bespoke that you’ll struggle to find anything like it anywhere on the market.

Handcrafted at our UK factory, the utmost care and attention goes into creating every fire, so sit back, relax and discover the story behind your unique Brilliant Fire…


 Corian® Production

CorianSTEP 1

After sourcing all your materials from our trusted suppliers work begins on transforming the Corian® sheets. CNC machining is used to cut the Corian® into the required shapes, which is a highly skilled job that requires specialist training.

For ultimate accuracy the CNC machine cuts the material to 0.1 of a mm.


Once the Corian® has been cut into shape it is then trimmed and prepared ready for V-grooving. This is a process that cuts a 45degree V in the material allowing us to fold the Corian® into shape and achieve a flawless finish.


Make or break...

The Corian® components are now ready for gluing. Mistakes made during this stage could result in a shoddy looking fire and, even worse, the whole thing could just fall apart, which means we’d have to start all over again.

chamfered edgesSTEP 4

The Corian® components are now chamfered round the edges to give them a unique stone like appearance, this is done by hand with a hand router and completely transforms the surround.


Once glued together the Corian® undergoes a hand finishing process using a 6-stage format to ensure a silky smooth finish. Again, this is a difficult process with no room for error, as an incorrect finish would result in the whole process being repeated all over again.


Now for the most important step of the process, assembling the components into the finished product. Any mistakes here would completely ruin the whole process that has preceded it.


The final stage of the surround process, a two-point inspection ensures the quality of the finish is of the highest standards! Only the best will do, so any failings found at this point will result in the surround going through stages 4 to 7 again until we’re completely satisfied with what we’ve created.


Fuel Effects

Without giving too much away this stage of the process involves a number of steps to create the realistic flames that form the base of all our electric fires.


To begin we create a base tray made from the Corian® off cuts following some of the same methods as the Corian® production.


We then go about creating your desired effect by fixing microchip controlled LED light PCBs into the Corian® base tray before using a clever, top-secret method to create the flames.


Brilliant Fire Fuel Effects

Once we have the base tray setup with the required flame effect we then begin to dress the flame effect to match your order. If you’ve opted for the log effect then we take some time to hand pick a variety of pre-chopped logs to achieve your desired effect.

Because no two logs fit the same way this step takes a very skilled eye.


After the effect has been temporarily set and authorised by the line manager it is then permanently set in resin and your dream fire is one step closer to completion.

Brilliant FireSTEP 5

Stone chippings are added to the resin to create an authentic ash look around the base of the logs.


The final stage of the fuel effect process involves each log set being airbrushed to help bring out the grain of the logs for added depth and character.


Your unique, sleek looking Corian® fire is then checked one final time by two members of senior staff before being dispatched for delivery.

Brilliant Fire Showcase

And there you have it from concept to the finished thing the story behind your Corian® Fire. For more information on the process we go through to achieve your dream fire or if you have a special requirement feel free to call us on 01254 682384.

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